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Drawing from paintings

Drawing from paintings

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This workshop is suitable for those who have some experience with drawing or have done my ‘Introduction to Drawing’ workshop. In the workshop you will be drawing from a selection of paintings from artists or art galleries around the world, this term we will be looking at a selection of paintings from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Drawing paintings is one of best ways to look at art, you will begin to learn how paintings ‘work’ and in turn enhance your drawing skills. We will also look at the paintings together and analyse them as a group.


Do watch my video for more information. 

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How it works

All of my workshops are delivered via Zoom which is an online video conferencing app. If you're new to Zoom, you might have heard of people having 'Zoom meetings' with work colleagues. It basically means they used the Zoom app to facilitate the online meeting.
You don't need to have prior Zoom experience to attend a workshop.

Before the workshop, I send attendees an email with a Zoom link to click on which will require access to your device's camera and mic so that you can join the virtual group session!

It's easy to use and a great way to join in with my fun online workshops without leaving your home!

All you need is a smartphone or computer that has a camera and mic and a good internet connection so that you don't miss a thing.

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My name is Sam,  I'm a printmaker working from my studio in rural Northamptonshire. I've recently left London after 22 years and am now enjoying the fresh air, open skies and wildlife of my new life in the country.

Miss Marple my ever faithful mini dachshund loves it too! 

When I'm not in my studio I teach printmaking at the Royal Drawing School and also at the Working Men's College, London.