I'm Sam - an artist specialising in printmaking and drawing. I did my BA in Fine Art at the at the Slade School of Fine Art in the early 90's and completed my art studies at the Royal Drawing School with an MA diploma in drawing.

I originate from the flat fens of Lincolnshire where my Dad was a cabbage farmer. I fled the countryside aged 18 and moved to London. I lived there for 22 years before returning to the countryside in 2018. I now live in a cottage in rural Northamptonshire with Miss Marple my mini dachshund . I have 2 studios in my garden where I make my work and run my online workshops and coaching sessions.

In January of 2023, my best-selling LINOCUT book was published by Bloomsbury and I'm currently working on a new book all about drawing which will be published in 2026.

My work

Here you can see my two studio cabins where I make my work. The blue one is where I do all my printing and run my online workshops (it's the messy studio!) and the yellow one is where I do all my online coaching. I also have another outbuilding where I do my etching.


Drawing is at the foundation of all my work; it’s how I figure things out and ideas begin to form. I start my process by walking and drawing from my local landscape or when I'm on my travels, I then return to my studio where I use my sketches as the basis for more sustained works.

My inspiration comes from many sources – medieval margins and bestiaries, animal prints from the 1800’s, folk art, old children’s books, and real life animals and landscapes that have something of the unusual about them.

My work is influenced by the British aesthetic of artists such as Eric Ravilious, Edward Bawden and Thomas Bewick. I also love the work of the 19th century Ceramist William De Morgan – particularly his fantastical animals and birds.


When I'm not in my studio, then I'm off travelling with Marple in the UK in 'Sylvie' our camper van or I'm on my adventures abroad with my sketchbook. All my drawings are now available to buy as high quality digital prints.