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Old Theatre Street, Valletta 2

Old Theatre Street, Valletta 2

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When I first arrive at my destination, I always take a walk to get to know the area and also to bookmark places to draw during my stay. This was the first street that grabbed my attention, I love the way that the plants lined the street- lovingly placed outside by the residents and the dramatic black rail that went from the bottom of the street to the top. This is the second of the 3 drawings I did of this street. 

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Sam Marshall

My name is Sam,  I'm a printmaker working from my studio in rural Northamptonshire. I've recently left London after 22 years and am now enjoying the fresh air, open skies and wildlife of my new life in the country. Miss Marple my ever faithful mini dachshund loves it too! 

When I'm not making work/ running workshops / coaching from my studio then I'm travelling around the UK and Europe with my sketchbook.